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Soak in the scenery at Sierra Heights Hollywood Hills. You’ll love watching the blue sky, trees, and flowers flourish here. Imagine the thrill of being surrounded by towering mountains as you approach the villa that is your destination!

The seclusion, wide-open spaces, and natural beauty of Sierra Heights make it the ideal location for those who are looking for Los Angeles luxury rental homes.

In the heart of Hollywood Hills, you will find the most luxurious, one-of-a-kind villas that can only be described as luxury vacation rentals. Our villa offers a chef’s kitchen, a private pool, and more than enough space to relax. This gated community is set on one of America’s most famous streets making it ideal for movie stars and other celebrities to enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer in just minutes.

What makes Sierra Heights of Los Angeles luxury rental homes so special?

  • The building is settled and well managed for ten persons and has a sight view of sunset and sun strip. It’s located in the bird streets cul-de-sac.
  • One bedroom is decorated with a twin bed and beautiful art, perfect for children. Our Los Angeles luxury vacation homes are ideal for your family’s stay.

Here Are Some of the Features You’ll Find in This Los Angeles Luxury Rental Homes:

  • Our villa has five bedrooms, one master suite with a king bed and two bathrooms, three junior suites with queen beds and two bathrooms, and one twin suite for children with two single beds.
  • All of the rooms have an en-suite bathroom, with a shower and toilet, in addition to a hot tub or steam/rain shower.
  • You will enjoy the excellent city views from the balcony and terraces of our rooms.
  • The sierra heights location makes use of its dramatic setting and sweeping terrace.
  • White polished floors and walls reflect the greenery in front of the Hollywood hills.
  • Sierra Heights is located in the city of California, and its majestic perch overlooks the ocean.
  • The bar, sink, and refrigerator is located in the outdoor portion of the kitchen for use during barbecues.
  • One side contains a sitting lounge.
  • A home theater with a large, flat-screen digital media player.
  • This historic Los Angeles hotel is a classic rental spot for newlyweds.


Wi-Fi and digital media are available for pleasure or business purposes.

    • The home is designed to take advantage of the natural light and fresh air indoors as well as outdoors.
    • A big-screen T.V and a home theater system.
    • Cleaning crews who work around the clock, seven days a week.
    • Firepits and heat lamps keep you warm at night between the city of Los Angeles and the hills.
    • The kitchen has all the (Italian-made) appliances and gadgets one could need.
    • There are bars in both the indoor and outdoor areas.

Safety and Security:

  • Fire alarms are installed in several places.
  • A Smoke detection fixture
  • A CO detector, along with other sensors, detects the presence of noxious gases.
  • Having alert staff members
  • The secure & ultra-safe entrance
  • CCTV is available 24 hours a day.

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