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Even when your destination is as far as Los Angeles, you can still be close to everything that matters. Venus Modern of Vacation Rentals—a luxurious vacation spot that provides its guests with the finest in luxury amenities and features. This luxury house looks high in the canyon and has been designed in a manner that helps the guests feel comfortable on their vacation.

This upscale, luxurious vacation rental villa is located in the canyon and has a breathtaking sunstrip view just 5 minutes from Los Angeles. The modern design of this villa makes it a unique destination in Los Angeles, with luxury amenities such as an outdoor fire pit, BBQ grill, and sauna. You will enjoy your stay at the Villa Venus modern of Los Angeles!

The Villa is the perfect vacation getaway for your family or group. Its lush landscaping and unrivaled amenities will make your stay unforgettable.

What Makes Venus Modern of Los Angeles Luxury Home for Rentals So Extraordinary?

  • Venus Modern is one of the most luxurious, beautifully decorated homes you will ever see.
  • The Venus Modern villa of Los Angeles is designed to rise above the canyon.
  • It is easy to get to the city of California for shopping, entertainment, or a day out.

Venus Modern of Los Angeles is a Luxury Home for Rentals With Lots of Exciting Features:

  • This beautifully designs mansion has four bedrooms with all accessories and luxuries for its residential families and friends.
  • In Venus’s villa, all the rooms have their own private bathrooms. Venus’s villa has all the conveniences of the modern world, including a hot tub in each room and a soaking tub in its own bathroom.
  • Venu Modern is a perfect Los Angeles luxury home for rent that comes with a well-furnished, luxury apartment with Queen sized beds.
  • The four rooms of Venus Modern villa are equipped with glass windows.
  • The villa has a room with a king-size bed that opens onto a private terrace, perfect for honeymoon couples. The villa also boasts a steam shower and walk-in closet.
  • Venus Modern villa, with its glass doors and glass banisters, is always a magnet for guests. Its open lounge, hallways, and stairway are particularly alluring.
  • The living room has been decorated beautifully with a zebra rug and sputnik light fixture. The historic charm they add to the room is enhanced by these touches. All these features make this villa a great addition to the list of Los Angeles Vocational rentals


  • Ventilated bedrooms have lounges, windows, and plenty of fresh air.
  • Computers, televisions, and WiFi are available 24 hours a day.
  • The apartment has a laundry system with an iron and drying rack.
  • Espresso appliance
  • Fully equipped kitchen with all essential appliances.

Safety and Security:

  • CCTV is available for 24/7 monitoring.
  • Fire alarms are strategically placed throughout the building.
  • A Smoke detector
  • A CO and noxious gas detector
  • Alerted staff members
  • The entrance is designed to keep intruders out.

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