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Get away from the hustle and bustle with our fantastic Villa Fiona, set between the hills of Santa Monica. This gorgeous contemporary property makes for a wonderful escape for a weekend, or even for a week.

Fiona is a wonderful location to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings of the hills. A modern and spacious villa, it has everything you need to feel right at home in this fantastic location. With magnificent views across the rolling hills of Los Angeles, Fiona is well equipped to help you create wonderful experiences on your next vacation.

The Villa Fiona is a luxury vacation home surrounded by lush foliage, with many dramatic and charming views. This European-style villa, which sits atop the historic estates of Hollywood Hills, has an intricate and unique patio that can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points throughout the property.

The Villa Fiona is 9,000 square feet and sits on a large plot of land surrounded by greenery.

What characteristics make the Villa Fiona a luxury rental property in Los Angeles?

  • A grand staircase leads to an outdoor area with excellent features—restful, swim-worthy, sun-striped, sunset-viewable, and entertaining.
  • A spacious area with a grill, kitchen, and bar that is well-suited for family gatherings.
  • The bar has a fire pit feature.
    A pool is positioned directly under the staircase.
  • An outdoor bar with fire pit features.
  • This Villa is located in an area where the best Malls for shopping, entertainment, and dining are within easy reach.

The features of luxury rentals in Los Angeles:

  • All of the Villa has been rebuilt using Italian limestone.
  • The ceilings are high and the doors open to the soaring mezzanine, which is supported by columns and archways.
  • The en-suite in Villa Fiona’s five bedrooms are luxurious and bright with natural light from the balcony.
  • All rooms are equipped with a toilet and shower.
  • There is access to the balcony and patio from inside The Villa.
  • A terrace with a view of hills that are covered in greenery.
  • The kitchen is a bright and airy space that includes two small fridges, two Bosch dishwashers, a Morice French oven painted by hand to resemble a crown, and a fireplace that ventilates the dining room.
  • This Luxury villas on the island of Los Angeles have a charming view in all directions, with design elements like wood, iron, and steelwork—and captivating views of their own.
  • The bathrooms are attached to the bedrooms, and both rooms have marble floors; one has a soaking tub and dual walk-in shower.
  • The spacious living area features a bar, perfect for grilling.
  • The bar with a large fireplace and fire pit that doubles as an outdoor cooking area.

Safety and security:

  • CCTV is available around the clock.
  • There are three or four fire alarms to alert people of danger
  • A smoke detection system
  • A CO detector exhaled noxious gas.
  • A high-quality security system is at the entrance of the building.

Why did you choose us?

For those who want incredible and reliable accommodations at some places, you are advised to check the list of Los Angeles vacation rental homes. In these vacation homes, all bedrooms have king-size beds, ventilated bathrooms, and more!

The architecture of the homes in this neighborhood is beautiful because it was built on a plateau above Los Angeles. If you want to live in a safe and healthy environment, this would be an excellent location for your home.

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